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This community engagement program will illuminate the profound prevalence of hunger in America, encourage us to raise our voices on behalf of the 40 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day, and ignite our community’s commitment to end hunger once and for all.

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Protect SNAP and the millions of Americans who cannot feed their families without it.

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Inspired by Jewish values and ideals, MAZON is a national advocacy organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel.

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More than 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger - that's 41 million people

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​What is This Is Hunger?

The faces of hunger in America are both familiar and hidden from view, yet they are all too real and far too many. 

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger has a long tradition of engaging the American Jewish community as well as anti-hunger organizations to become catalysts for the change we need to end hunger in America. We know all too well that there are persistent myths about hunger in America, about who is hungry and why. Until our nation recognizes the profound prevalence of hunger here at home, we will never be able to rally the political will required to end it.

That's why we created This Is Hunger, a powerful community engagement program that encourages individuals to embark on a journey—one that that will challenge their beliefs about who in America struggles with hunger and why, and empower them to take action.

The This Is Hunger Experience

This Is Hunger is a high-impact, experiential installation that takes participants on a two-part journey: to understand the stark reality of hunger in America and to take action to end hunger once and for all.

Part One: Illuminate—Participants enter the space and are invited to sit at a communal table to meet, virtually, real people struggling with hunger. Portraits are projected at each end of the table, one by one, as they share their stories in their own words and in their own voices.

Part Two: Advocate—At the conclusion of Part One: Illuminate, participants will be invited to engage in activities and experiences that will deepen their awareness about the complexities of being hungry and invite them to join MAZON in educating the rest of our nation and advocating for change.

The Reality of Hunger

Hunger is such a widespread problem that the numbers will shock you. 

More than 1 in 8 Americans struggles with hunger 

That's 42.2 million people, including 13.1 million children and 5.7 million seniors.

Learn more about the reality of hunger at mazon.org


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